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The Hidden Power of Hypnosis


Stories have been told for thousands of years as a way to pass on important lessons in life.  Fairy tales,  parables, nursery rhymes, songs, books and films.  All have the power to change the way we think and change our lives.  We just need to be open to the ideas they contain.


The Two Monks Tale


This simple story will demonstrate how you can gain new insight into any problem you may have.  In hypnotherapy, a particular metaphorical story of this kind would be designed to match a particular need.  The unconscious mind, left to its own natural processes, can change even deeply held beliefs.


The Two Monks Tale

power to change


Two monks are travelling together on a long journey. They have both taken vows never to touch a woman. One day by chance, they come to a deep fast flowing river that they have to cross and find a young woman waiting there. She is unable to cross and asks for their help. Without hesitating the older monk lifts the young woman onto his back and carries her across the river.

She leaves and the two monks continue on their journey. The younger monk walks silently with growing anger that his companion so easily broke his vows.

Eventually he cannot contain himself any longer and turns on his companion and demands that he explain his actions.

The older monk calmly turns to him and says "If I was the one that picked her up, why is it that you are the one that cannot put her down?"


So What Could A Story Like This This Mean To The Unconscious Mind?


If your thoughts were focused upon a certain problem then your unconscious could interpret this story and learn something of value from it. Applied in the right way this story can produce changes in the way that you think.


The following exercise may help you to understand how this works more clearly.


  • Go back and in your imagination live the story. Be the monk that gets angry.
  • Now understand that the monk that carried the girl is your unconscious and the monk that worries is your conscious self.
  • Now, make carrying the girl something that you did that you shouldn't have done and imagine the story again.


In a state of hypnosis you will be able to make important links to your current problems. Your unconscious mind understands and uses ideas in a very different way to your conscious waking self.


This is just one of the ways that hypnotherapy can work. It presents new ideas and insights to your unconscious so that it can deal with the world more comfortably.