Permanent Weight Loss



To lose weight you need to master one basic idea.
"The calories you put in have to be less than the calories you burn up"


There are only three ways to achieve this.


  1. Eat fewer calories while maintaining a healthy diet.
  2. Be more physically active (more movement and exercise).
  3. Increase your body’s heat production (higher metabolism).

Weight Loss Hypnosis ( 3 CDs)

CD #1 - Weight Loss

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  • Eliminate your bad eating habits.

  • Slowly introduce healthier, tastier food into your normal diet.

  • Learn to enjoy exercise and look forward to it.

  • Feel happier and more confident about your body.

  • Discover how easily you can become more organised when you plan menus, shop for food and prepare meals.

  • Have more energy to lead an active life.


Make changes to all of your habitual behaviour linked to your weight; shopping; planning menus; portion sizes, how you eat; when you eat. deal with cravings and begin to appreciate fresh healthy food.. Changes occur gradually so there is no feeling of deprivation or forced dieting. This is about permanent weight loss, changes to your attitudes about eating so your weight will not rebound if you stop listening to the CD.


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CD#2 - Relaxation

relaxation CD


Designed to quickly relax your mind and body, 40 minutes of deep hypnotic relaxation can feel like the equivalent of several hours of quality sleep.


The main hypnotic recording teaches you to use relaxing memories, progressive muscle relaxation and breathing techniques to help you reduce stress at any time.


CD #3 - Hypnosis Software

Virtual Hypnotist CD


Experiment with your own sounds and spoken suggestions. Simple to install on all Windows PCs.

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

There are a number of deep rooted psychological problems that I encounter with nearly every patient that comes to the clinic. They all respond very well to hypnotic suggestion.


Patients show signs of at least one and often all three conditions:


Emotional Eaters


Emotional eaters are people who eat for emotional reasons such as stress, worry, loneliness, boredom, frustration, reward or punishment. Eating has a leveling effect by providing comfort or a feeling of fulfillment


Conditioned Eaters


A conditioned eater is a person who eats foods because of early childhood conditioning. This includes the child that was made to feel guilty if they ever left anything on their plate because people were starving in other countries, or the child who was motivated to eat everything on their plate in order to get dessert. There are many millions of conditioned eaters.


Subconscious Eaters


A subconscious eater is a person who is unaware of all the food they are putting into their mouths. They might eat a whole bag of popcorn or a tub of ice cream while watching a movie. At work they are often continually snacking and are not aware of how much they are eating throughout the day.

Anti Candida

Candida AlbicansA diet containing too much sugar and refined carbohydrates can cause candida to grow out of control in your body. The toxic by-products of this organism can cause digestive difficulties, yeast infections and low energy levels.


So you do less exercise because you feel fatigued and you crave sugar and carbohydrates that are stored as fat.


Probiotics help to rid your digestive system of candida and restore a normal healthy environment in your intestinal tract. Candida is and organism that lives normally in your gut, but which can grow dangerously out of control with sugary and yeast rich diets.



Internal Cleansing

ColonixYou would not believe what can be living inside you. The intestines of most adults contain bacteria, parasites and blockages that trap toxins and breed infection.


As a result you don't digest the essential nutrients very well and you have to eat more to help your body find them, which doesn't help your weight loss efforts.


You can also remove fatty colesterol deposits that have built up in your gall bladder and around your liver. You liver controls what happens to digested food in your blood stream, so anything that helps it must be a good thing.






Metabolic Boosters

Quickstart HerbalifeSome foods and some herbs force your body to burn more energy and become more active. There are plenty of toxic things that do this too, like nicotine, caffeine, arsenic and pisonous mushrooms, but it is best to stick with the healthier alternatives.






Exercise - Walking For Weight Loss

Exercise. Yes, this is the big monster in the closet. It is all about motivation. If you are feeling tired and lethargic from a poor diet or candida problems, this is not all that easy. Hypnosis can be very effective as an exercise motivator. It is all about painlessly building up an exercise habit. See the pages oon lifetime fitness.


We use a unique exercise coaching program that starts with walking. We provide a CD which motivates and coaches you as you walk. Walking is a wonderful way to exercise, especially if you are carrying around a lot of extra weight. Most people tend to take somewhere between 4,000 and 4,500 steps a day. You should aim to take around 6,000 - 8,000. At that sort of level you are looking at some serious weight loss, perhaps 1-2 extra pounds per week. On top of your other weight loss efforts this will be significant.


Habit Changing - Breaking Rhythm Method

Meditation GirlBruce Lee used to defeat his opponents by breaking the natural rhythm and moving unexpectedly. This is also known as an interruption pattern in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


The idea is to begin breaking your old habit by changing your life around, beginning with smaller easier things and then progressing to the more important life changing things. You are basically teaching your body to become accustomed to change and changing its usual patterns, which includes your eating and exercising behavior. More later.




Alkaline Diet & pH Balance

Low quality nutritional content forces you to eat more to find the essential nutrients your body needs. You have a genuine hunger and will keep eating to get what you need. In the process you digest a lot of unwanted carbohydrates and fats that your body will store.


Previous attempts to diet may have changed your metabolism, leaving you low in energy and in a state where your body stores fat rather than actively using it or expelling it. This shows up in people who lose weight while on their starvation diets and then put it all back on again when they stop.

Step 1 You probably don't want to know what's living (and dying) inside you every day.......but we're going to tell you anyway.

Internal cleansing to remove yeast, bacteria, parasites, blockages & infection

This step will reduce allergies and sugar cravings as well make you feel a lot better. It always helps to start any program with a bit of a boost. It gets your digestive system working efficiently and removes a lot of poisons from your body.


There are two main parts to the cleanse.

1. Yeast & Bacteria

Most of the adult population of North America and Europe suffer from an overgrowth of yeast like organism called candida. Candida lives naturally in your digestive tract and helps with your overall digestion. However it thrives sugars and carbohydrates. Too much of these in your diet and the candida can grow out of control and destroy many of the healthy bacteria that your digestion depends upon for good health. When it gets out of control then it affects your overall health badly.


Overgrowths of yeast and other bacteria in your bowel can greatly increase food sensitivity. You can actually crave the food to which you are slightly allergic. It can also produce cravings for sugar and fatty food.


There are many anti-candida formulas on the market. You will probably want to research your own in which case you should look at the Candida Cleanse page. We found one product called Threelac to be particularly effective in combination with the rest of our program. We use this all the time now as part of our weight loss program. Combined with a sensible eating plan it can completely eliminate excessive candida within a few months.

2. Parasites, Blockages & Infection

Even in North America and Europe nearly the entire adult population carry a number of parasites. Herbal remedies to remove these parasites have been around for thousands of years and can be found in many internal cleansing programs.


Also, the average North American digestive tract contains around 5 pounds of undigested meat and meat products at any one time. These get trapped and create pockets of infection (diverticulosis) and blockages that can cause severe health problems.


You should consider doing a complete Colon Cleanse.


There are many products available to help with this. We tried a number of different products as part of out program and settled on Colonix. Not because it had any particular magical properties but because it dealt with parasites, bacterial infection and blockages in one package so you don't have to try and combine and co-ordinate different products. Colonix is a herbal cleansing system that helps remove blockages so that food is absorbed properly. It will also help reduce allergies and sugar cravings as well make you feel a lot better.

Liver Cleanse

Not for the faint hearted, this is an optional extra that helps clean fatty deposits from the liver and gall bladder. Details through this link: Liver Cleanse.


Remember that through any period of detoxification it is important that you drink plenty of water.


Step 2 Reduce your hunger by providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs...The Easy Way!

Many weight loss programs fail because they are not enjoyable. Some we reviewed were more like boot camp and not surprisingly the results were poor.


If you eat a lot of the wrong food (you know what that is) then you will still feel hungry because your body can't find the essential vitamins and proteins that it needs and continues to search for them. The only way it can do that is to eat more.


Not everything marketed as healthy food is good for you. You might be a victim of poor quality food. Even food that you think is healthy may not be. Modern mass farming produces fruit and vegetables that are far less nutritious than ever; One of the reasons that the organic food industry is growing so rapidly.

So what can we do about it?

You can reduce your hunger by adopting a totally healthy way of eating from day one. Unfortunately this can be very difficult and often causes people to give up very quickly. Hypnotherapy certainly helps, but it is not magic.


From experience I have found the best solution is to start by adjusting gradually. You can use protein meal replacements and vitamin/mineral supplements and do the major diet changes later on when you are healthier and have more energy.


Step 3 Regain your energy and reduce cravings. Without dangerous drugs

The Damage Of Low Calorie Diets

If you have been on a very low calorie diet at some point, then it is highly likely your body will have developed a very low metabolism to protect itself against what it thinks is a shortage of food.

If you have seen televised news footage of famine on television you may have noticed how still and quiet the people are. They do not even try to brush away the flies. This is a survival instinct to preserve energy.

This is why low calorie diets never last because your body fights to conserve energy by reducing all energy waste. Then, as many of us have found out, as soon as you stop the diet the weight rushes back on again, as your body acts like a sponge for high calorie foods.

Boost Your Energy

To counter this you could artificially boost your metabolism by poisoning your body with substances like caffeine and nicotine. Your body burns a lot of energy expelling toxins like these from your system.

A better way to increase your energy is to use certain plant and herbal extracts. These will kick start your metabolism safely. You will then feel more like exercise and the weight loss effect begins to snowball. You will be surprised how rapidly your energy levels increase when this first happens.

If you are interested in any more information then see the pages on increasing your metabolism.


Step 4 Start the exercise plan
"Walking for Weight Loss"

Introduce regular exercise. Slowly at first. You're aiming at 20-30 minutes a day. However you may want to start at around 15-20 minutes. Do not overdo it too soon or you will associate discomfort with exercise and make excuses to avoid it. As you lose weight, you will be carrying around less and you will expend less energy. You will need to increase the amount of exercise that you do to compensate.


If you are overweight you are a walking exercise machine. I was 30 pounds overweight at one point. If I picked up a backpack weighing 30 pounds and walked around with it all day I would give myself quite a workout. Once your metabolism is boosted you will feel like moving around a lot more. Any movement is good for using energy and burning fat cells.


Walking is a wonderful way to exercise, especially if you are carrying around a lot of extra weight. Most people tend to take somewhere between 4,000 and 4,500 steps a day. You should aim to take around 6,000 - 8,000. At that sort of level you are looking at some serious weight loss, perhaps 1-2 extra pounds per week. On top of your other weight loss efforts this will be significant.

See the Walking To Lose Weight pages


You might also want to check out


Step 5 Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

This is an important step. During your life, you may well have developed habits and patterns of eating that work against you. There are three different eating patterns. many people show signs of all three. All of these are dealt with as part of our hypnotherapy program.

Emotional Eaters

Emotional eaters are people who eat food for emotional reasons such as stress, worry, loneliness, boredom, frustration, companionship, reward punishment or for any other emotional reason that is shows up in eating foods.

Conditioned Eaters

A conditioned eater is a person who eats foods because of early childhood conditioning, such as the child that was made to feel guilty if they ever left anything on their plate because people were starving in other countries. Or that child who was motivated to eat everything on their plate in order to get dessert. there are many millions of conditioned eaters.

Subconscious Eaters

A subconscious eater is a person who is unaware of all the food they are putting into their mouths. Watching a movie and eating a whole bag of popcorn or a tub of ice cream. the person who is continually snacking at work and is not aware of how much they are eating throughout the day.

Take Back Control

Weight loss hypnosis is all about giving you back control. You could be slim and still benefit from this weight loss program if you still find it a struggle to keep your weight down. You need to place weight control firmly back in the unconscious where it belongs.


This is an easy task for hypnotherapy. It can take several sessions to work through all the causes. We have condensed these sessions into a CD program that you can find at our online store.


For a more in depth look at hypnosis techniques and weight loss then see the weight loss hypnosis page.

Eliminating those deep down bad eating habits

Hypnotherapy will also deal with a range of other habits. See the pages on Eating Habits for a more detailed discussion of each of these:

  1. Shopping
  2. Food Preparation
  3. Eating Places
  4. Meal Times
  5. Eating
  6. Cravings
  7. Serving Sizes
  8. Drinking with meals
  9. Lifestyle
  10. Saboteurs
  11. Sleep

Step 6 Weight Loss Psychology

1 Don't Deny Yourself

Don't deny yourself the food you want because you will begin to crave it more and more. You will install a psychological craving that could be difficult to remove. You have to make changes at a much deeper level so that you want to give up certain unhealthy food. Allow your subconscious to make the choice rather than fight your desires consciously as you will have begun a battle that you will continue to fight for the rest of your life. Your subconscious has good reasons that will be covered later.

2 Don't Count Calories

Don't analyze your food. Especially do not count the number of calories. Time spent obsessing over food and focusing on it, keeps it constantly on your mind. This will generate hunger and cravings. The best way to avoid something is not to think about it and concentrate on something else. You can't consciously win the calories battle, the change has to come from within.


Stop obsessing and start enjoying your life. Mental attitude plays an enormous part in weight management. Quantity is not a major factor for most of us. If you are overweight it is not because you necessarily eat more food, it's often that you have trained your metabolism to store fat. How? By dieting. Calories are a terrible way to measure if a food is going to be converted to fat by your body. It really is very, very poor science.

3 Don't Starve Yourself

Your body is highly resilient. It is astounding how little food we can survive on. Your body will respond to the threat of starvation by trying to store every single droplet of fat that passes though you because fat is your bodies best energy source. Muscle is less useful during a famine and is heavier and takes more energy to move around. The net result is that your body will begin to break down its own muscle tissue and save the more important reserves of fat.


One thing is for sure. Take away someone's food and they will start to obsess about it. It is a basic survival instinct. Your mind will start to focus more and more on food, creating more hunger and cravings for food rich in carbohydrates and fats. To keep to your diet you will have to fight your subconscious every hour of every day. You will be stressed, perhaps depressed and certainly less healthy.

Then, when you inevitably come to the end of the diet, your body will still be programmed to store as much fat as it can. You will pile it on, often passing your previous maximum weight. And so it goes on. If you are continually trying new diets, this weight loss then gain cycle repeats time and time again.


Never starve yourself. Never let your body think that there is not enough food. Do not diet in this way. If you are hungry, then eat.


Diet should mean only one thing, healthy food, not less food. This weight loss program is about a lifelong commitment to eating healthy food. We are not talking about a short term diet or some recent fad that you will give up after a few weeks or months. You have to be very comfortable with something to make a lifelong commitment to it. I doubt that those familiar diets would qualify.

4 Ideal Body Visualizations

Create two images in your mind. One of the old overweight you, sitting at a table eating all the wrong food. The other of the new thinner you, sitting at a table enjoying those surroundings and the people around you.


If you are using a diet or have changed to a more alkaline food balance, do not spend any time thinking about it or discussing it. Avoid talking about it or obsessing about it. All this does is to focus your mind on the subject of food. If you start thinking about food, you start to get hungry.

5 Weight Loss Goals - Target Weight

Know your weight loss target. When you get to it, monitor your weight every day. Set upper and lower limits around this target weight that you cannot break without taking action. For example, set an upper limit 6 pounds (3Kg) above your ideal weight. Commit yourself to some kind of forfeit immediately that you hit this weight. If you build a pattern of doing this every time you hit your upper limit you will start to build subconscious processes to contain your weight fluctuations. Your subconscious is excellent with this type of training - The 'reach for the cookie jar, slap your hand, reach for the cookie jar, slap your hand....don't reach for the cookie jar' approach.

Step 7 Long Term Healthy Nutrition

Finally, when the rest of the program is working well, then you can start to make fundamental changes to the food you actually eat every day. We strongly recommend that you become familiar with the idea of alkaline balance in diet.


Take your time. There is no need to dramatically change what you eat overnight. Trying to make too many changes too soon will have a negative effect. New diets demand new food preparation and cooking skills that take time to learn.

Alkaline Acid Balance

See the alkaline diet page for a full discussion on the importance of the correct alkaline balance in any regular diet.


See the nutritional pages to check your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Nutritional Supplements

There is a current theory that we keep eating until our body has found the essential amino acids and enzymes that it cannot make itself in our food. If the food is poor quality we continue eating.

See the nutritional supplements page for more information.

The Weight Loss Program - Putting It All Together

Things to Buy

  1. The Colon Cleansing Kit Colonix Buy Here
  2. The Anti Candida Probiotics ThreeLac Buy Here
  3. The Protein Supplements & Metabolism Boosters.

What To Expect

You should expect to lose somewhere between 2 - 7 pounds per week. You will also experience a big increase in energy after the first few weeks.




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