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Do You Want To Stop Smoking Permanently, Quickly, and Easily?

Have you ever wondered why some people can decide one day to stop smoking and just do it?  I used to smoke myself, I have friends that used to smoke and I've worked with thousands of smokers.  I can tell you now, it's not will power


If you truly want to stop and are finding it difficult, then you need to build up a kind of pressure in your mind. This pressure comes from all of your reasons to stop smoking, but reasons that produce strong feelings and emotions.  Without feelings and emotions any reason in the world is useless.


Hypnosis is simply an excellent tool to help you build up that feeling in your mind.  In a hypnotic trance your mind is open to many new ideas and suggestions.  So, it is a matter of creating images and ideas in your mind with enough emotion attached to beat the smoking habit.


You will stop smoking when your mind feels that you should.

Can 93% Success with Live Hypnotherapy Work On A CD?

The best way to stop smoking is to visit a hypnotherapist. We have a 93% success rate with people that we see individually in my London clinic. 


Without knowing you personally and meeting you face to face it is more difficult, but we have produced a CD where many of the suggestions are carefully crafted so that you create your own images and ideas based on your life and your experiences.

The Scientific Evidence

Since hypnosis was approved by the American Medical Association, over 50 years ago, every study into the use of hypnosis has proven its effectiveness. 

Stop Smoking ScienceOne study by Dr. Von Dedenroth M.D., printed in the January 1968 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, was entitled "The use of hypnosis in 1000 cases of tobacco maniacs." There are three interesting points about this study. First of all, he didn't just test fifty or a hundred people, he tested a thousand people.


Second of all, he didn't just follow up for a month or two to make sure they remained non-smokers. He followed up after 18 months. And thirdly, out of a thousand smokers, after 18 months, he found that with his methods of hypnosis 94% had remained non-smokers.


The highly respected journal 'The New Scientist published the largest study ever conducted of 72,000 people in October 1992.  Nicotine gum had a success rate of only just over 10%, or looked at another way, a 90% failure rate.  The first line of that report was, and I quote, "Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking."

Stop Smoking And Save a fortune.

Most people don't realize how much they are going to spend on smoking in their lifetime.  I can tell you now. 

20-a-day Costs You $350,000 Over Your Working Lifetime!

How much could you save if you stop smoking?

USA Smokers

No./day Month 1 Year 10 years

Age 18-65

 10 $68 $840 $10,700


 20 $136 $1,690 $21,300


 30 $203 $2,530 $32,000


 40 $271 $3,370 $42,700


* Based on a savings rate of 5% and US Average $4.52/pack

UK Smokers

No./day Month 1 Year 10 years

Age 18-65

 10 £83 £1,030 £13,700


 20 £167 £2,060 £27,400


 30 £250 £3,095 £41,100


 40 £334 £4,120 £54,800



* Based on building society saving at 6% and £5.50/pack

For more detail showing exactly how we arrived at these figures then please see the
cost of smoking page


Smoking Is Just A Habit - But One That You Reinforce Every Day Of Your Life


Smoking calendarWhen you first started smoking, you smoked consciously, you consciously put the cigarette to your mouth, had a bit of a cough and a splutter, and you probably didn't even like the first one.  But you kept going for whatever reason.  Perhaps your friends were doing it.  Perhaps you wanted to look older than what you were.


Then seven or eight cigarettes later, the unconscious part of the mind said, I can do that job for you, and it took it on as a habit.


All a habit is, is something you do consciously a number of times and then the unconscious takes over control to make life easier. The unconscious part of the mind knows that you can only consciously concentrate on doing one task at a time, so the more jobs the unconscious can do on your behalf, the better.


You Protect Yourself By Continuing To Smoke

Now, your unconscious will do everything it can to protect you.  If you step out onto the road and there's a car coming, you will jump back, without even thinking about it, you'll get out of the way.   


Your unconscious is also protecting all of your habits, it doesn't want you to forget to drive just as you turn out onto the main road, it doesn't want to forget to swim half way across a river.


Your unconscious is also protecting the habit of smoking, as far as the unconscious is concerned; it's still running the old memory for why you want to smoke. It's still running the memory of something you want to do, so you're fighting between the two parts of your mind.


To truly stop smoking it is your unconscious mind that has to do it.


Nicotine Is Not Physically Addictive. You Need Proof?

If you compare nicotine to something that is addictive, like heroin, someone trying to give up heroin will get shakes, sweats, heart palpitations, sickness, nausea even hallucinations. Now someone trying to give up cigarettes might get a bit bad tempered but it's not the same.


Your heroin addict can’t go through the night without his body waking him up for more heroin, as soon as the heroin wears off he has to put more heroin into his system just to keep himself going.


The only heroin addict that can go through the night is also an alcoholic, and the alcohol numbs the senses so he can get a good night sleep, but when he wakes up in the morning he has to have all the heroin that he missed from the night before just to get out of bed.

Now when was the last time you woke up on the hour every hour for the cigarettes your missing during the night?  You don’t need all the cigarettes that you missed from the night before just to get yourself out of bed in the morning.  You might need one or two, out of habit, but not all the ones you missed from the night before.  So that might be 20 during the day , but none at night. Funny that.


Would You Give A Heroin Addict More Heroin? Then What Exactly Is Nicotine Replacement!!

What we are told is that nicotine is this terrible, addictive chemical and that the patch or the gum is going to replace the nicotine that you used to get from the cigarette.


nicotine poison

Well here's the thing !! If you're a heroin addict one of the ways they try and break your addiction is to give you a substitute drug called methadone which blocks the craving for the heroin.  Now these so called experts are trying to tell you that nicotine is addictive and the way that they are going to get you off the cigarettes is to give you a patch that has more nicotine in it than you've ever smoked in your life. 


Why doesn't that increase the addiction?


I mean it's like giving a heroin addict more heroin.  Why if nicotine is meant to be addictive don't you get hooked on the patches?




Why aren't there clinics up and down the country weaning people off patches? 

There are clinics up and down the country getting people off of heroin, but there is not one clinic set up to get people off of patches.

Why? Because nicotine is not addictive.


Give Up Your Excuses About Stress

I smoked until about 10 years ago.  I successfully went to  see a hypnotherapist to stop smoking and one of the first things things he said to me was,

"Do you smoke at times of stress?"
I said "Yes, if it wasn't for the stress of my then job I'd be able to give up easily."
He said, "What days do you work?"
I said, "Monday to Friday"
He said, "How many do you smoke over the weekend?"
I said, "about 20 a day"
He said, "How many do you smoke weekdays?"
I said, "The same, about 20 a day"

It's the same, day in day out. You don't have a good day and forget to smoke and you don't have a bad day and smoke 80. I'd be lying on the beach in the middle of the summer, still smoking 20 a day./p>

Stress is a good excuse but that's all it is.

Nicotine Causes Stress. It Increases Your Heart Rate

Nicotine is a poison and every time you smoke it makes the heart increase by 10 beats a minute as the body tries to flush it out of your body.

Why would you use our hypnotherapy technique?

 You know that someone getting at you to stop smoking or someone making you feel uncomfortable about smoking doesn't make you stop.  In fact it often has the opposite effect.  This is exactly the same mistake that misguided government campaigns make when they try to have you to associate smoking with unpleasant images of death and disease.  All they end up doing is training you to make unpleasant associations to the idea of stopping smoking.


What you do on the hypnosis CD is to associate powerful positive pictures and ideas to being a non smoker, so that your mind simply makes the switch, in its own time, attracted by the positive images.  You can then imagine how different your future life might be, completely smoke free.


Then, as a backup, there is a second session that has you associate your past life as a smoker to something unpleasant.  Recalling that first cigarette, which was often a quite unpleasant experience, is very effective.   This is aversion therapy and simply stated it is. think of an elephant.slap in the face... think of an elephant. slap in the face. think of an elephant. another slap in the face . do  you want to think about elephants? . I thought not.


It is this combination of psychologically pulling you towards being a non smoker and pushing you away from your past that is so effective. For more of an idea how this might work then review some of the Stop Smoking Hypnosis techniques that we use.

Stop Smoking Now!

stop smokingAs soon as you have the thought, you should stop smoking. Act on it. Do it now. Don't make excuses to delay until next month. All those excuses will still be there next week or month to stop you succeeding. If you must wait then make a definite date and time to stop.


If you stop now, your body is going to have to fight hard to clear those lungs. In fact it's going to take it 3 years. Statistically at the end of those 3 years you can look forward to another 7 years of life. You can't afford to put it off.


No-one can tell you to stop. You have to have strong emotional feeling from inside to stop yourself.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs / MP3 Download

stop smoking cd


"My wife is your biggest fan. She put up with my smoking for 30 years. I am so surprised how this worked. Thank you. I will look back on this month with huge gratitude in the years to come. Extra years i am sure."
Peter Grayson. Manchester.


"Cant believe it no smoking thoughts on the way home tonight thanks mate."
Martin. London UK


"I stopped a 52 year 3 pack a day smoking habit with hypnosis. I’m 72 years old. I thought I would never quit. After the CDs I knew I had beat the habit for good. Quitting smoking with hypnosis was easy and effortless and down right dirt cheap !"
Louise Brooks. Retired Nurse


"Brilliant, No cravings, No Smokey clothes, it was a lot easier than I expected"
Richard Carter, Newfoundland


"I tried patches and gum without success but now I’m clean and free."
Janet Kiprianou


Stop Smoking

3 CDs and smoking guide

You Can Stop!


It doesn't matter if you have been smoking 40 a day for thirty years, you can stop smoking in just a couple of hours.


Our clinic in London has helped thousands of people to stop smoking. There isn't a situation or a problem we haven't seen. These audio recordings gather the most effective techniques from years of working with smokers.


You may have tried nicotine patches, gum, drugs, inhalers and going it alone. But failed. If you haven't tried hypnosis then you must.


Smoking is controlled by your unconscious mind - the part of the mind that runs our bodies on automatic. The part of our mind makes driving and swimming something we don't have to think about and unfortunately smoking too. Hypnosis works on this part of your mind, delivering powerful suggestions, directly to the core.


Hypnosis makes it easy. Hypnosis deals with the underlying habit. It eliminates the deep psychological urges that come from your unconscious mind. You don't get those unpleasant feelings of withdrawal that you get with other methods.


You have your full 30 day guarantee. What have you got to lose? For the cost of a few packs of cigarettes?


You could be looking back in a few months, completely smoke free.


Please leave feedback or a testimonial to let us know about your success with these CDs.

Hypnosis Software CD

Virtual Hypnotist CDExperiment with your own sounds and spoken suggestions. Simple to install on all Windows PCs.






Stop Smoking Guide


health guideAll the usual good ideas and information, to remind you what you are aiming for.




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