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Read through this brief guide and if you are still having sleep problems then consider ordering our Sleep Hypnosis CD, you may find it surprisingly effective.

We Can All Sleep Through A Thunderstorm

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People learn to sleep in the most disturbing, noisy and uncomfortable places. You have probably seen someone asleep at a noisy party or in an uncomfortable plane seat. We all have that ability because we all have the same basic sleeping mechanism. It is just a matter of learning how to use it.


We all learnt to sleep as babies and some of us developed better skills to deal with disturbances than others. You may have just forgotten how to run your normal sleeping program, or more likely, switched it off for some reason.

Sleep problems can be triggered by worry or anxiety. Once a bad sleeping pattern is established it has to be 'unlearnt'. Hypnosis is an excellent way to do this as it can work directly on your unconscious sleeping mind.

Or Forget to stay awake

There are many hypnotic techniques to aid sleep and help you to consciously release control and allow sleep to happen. It cannot be forced.


Sometimes lifestyle, environment, diet and a whole host of external things can disturb your normal sleeping habits. Hypnosis can teach you to shut these out. We do this all the time, like when we filter out the background chatter in a noisy public place so we can hold a conversation.


This program will show you what you can do to change the world around you to create the best sleep environment. This may be enough on its own. Some of these suggestions may seem obvious, other less so. The important thing is to act on them.


If you also try the CD program you will make all the internal changes in your behavior, the way that you think and where you focus your mind. Hypnosis is extremely effective for sleep problems, after all, it is a state of mind not too far removed from deep sleep.

Don't let sleep deprivation ruin your life

Sleep deprivation causes irritability, carelessness, poor concentration and affects our work, social interactions and the quality of our lives.


You need to deal with sleep problems before they really start to affect your life.


The first time I see many of my patients have left seeking help for a long time and have seen their lives suffer. Probably needlessly as sleep problems are some of the easiest conditions to treat with hypnosis.

What sort of sleep problem do you have?

Read a quick review of the types of sleep disorder.

Quality is important - not quantity

The most comprehensive longnitudinal study into sleeping patterns involved 1.1 million people in California. It found that people who slept over 8 hours a day had a significantly shorter life span.


It is not the quantity that is important, it is the quality. If the quality of your sleep is high, then 6 to 7.5 hours per day will be totally sufficient for a healthy adult.


Most people do need sleep to help them function. For example, there is evidence that the cells in the brain reset their sodium and pottasium levels during deep sleep. However, there is an ongoing study in London (United Kingdom) that involves over 4,000 people that never sleep. What is interesting is that they seem to be mentally and physically healthy.


The quality of your sleep is highest when you are totally synchronized with your body's natural sleep cycle. This cycle is easily disrupted by a modern lifestyle with drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, artificial light and lack of daily exercise.

Sleep is controlled by biological rhythms

There are two basic biological rhythms

  • Circadian Rhythms - often referred to as your body clock which cycles in periods a little more than 24 hours. A fact that can cause problems.

  • Ultradian Rhythms - These are rhythms that cycle more frequently than 24 hours. The most relevant of which is your sleep cycle which lasts around 1.5 hours. It does vary with the individual and has been measured as lasting anywhere between 75 and 120 minutes.

Circadian Rhythms

Your natural body clock has a cycle that lasts longer than a day, so to stay synchronized it needs to be regularly reset. Sunlight and habitual daily routines of exercise and eating are the principle ways to do this. Getting up and going to sleep at a regular times is important. Dull as it may seem, routine is essential to your good health.


The circadian cycle is most evident in your body temperature. Contrary to what you may have thought, this fluctuates over the day and night and has a large effect on your body's activity and consequently on sleep. Matching your daily routine to this temperature fluctuation is the single best way to reestablish a healthy sleep pattern.

Circadian Rhythm

Sleep Brainwaves


There are four main types of sleep brainwaves linked to the various stages of sleep.. Understanding how the brain works during sleep will help you to understand how teh following suggestions can help you to sleep better.

Sleep Cycles


Sleep occurs in cycles of around 90 minutes during which types of brain activity fluctuate.  Sleep cycles - ultradian rhythms







"I must say the CD is great. It works like a bomb..... I think I might order some more of your CD's in future."
L Botha (S Africa)


Thank you Dr.? Ralph. I spent years sleeping badly and like you say some things can just change in a moment.
P Elland (NYC)


Surprisingly this worked. I was somewhat skeptical having tried a lot of remedies, and it wasn't just me, my husband loved it. He uses it to relax after work and he wont mind me saying he is a changed man.
Mary London, UK.


"You are right. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy sleeping ... thank you ... I would gladly recommend your sleep course ..."
Peter Seltzer

Sleep Hypnosis Pack


Sleep HypnosisSleep Hypnosis CD #1

You may not remember learning to sleep as a baby, but you did, successfully and it is all stored away in your mind. If you lie in bed at night with your mind wandering, worrying and going in circles then these CD sessions can break that pattern, so you find yourself exploring pleasant memories and thoughts and just drifting off to sleep.

We have all learnt how to sleep successfully in the past but sometimes we just get out of the habit. This CD is all about relearning what a good night's sleep really is, so you will look forward to going to bed every night. Just allow your unconscious mind take back control with these powerful hypnotic sessions.

This is far and away our best selling CD set. Hypnosis is ideally suited to the treatment of sleep disorders and we have combined it with brainwave training technology to ensure the suggestions are delivered deep into your unconscious.

You can rediscover that your sleep environment is a calm relaxing place to be. You can let your unconscious mind take back control so you will sleep soundly every night.

You won't even notice that anything happened until you wake up the next morning feeling well rested. After a week, you will notice how much more alert you are and how much more energy you have.

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Relaxation CD #2

free relaxation CDDesigned to quickly relax your mind and body, 40 minutes of deep hypnotic relaxation can feel like the equivalent of several hours of quality sleep.

The main hypnotic recording teaches you to use relaxing memories, progressive muscle relaxation and breathing techniques to help you reduce stress at any time.




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Sleep - The Evolutionary Theory

The current, most widely accepted theory is that sleep is an 'evolutionary leftover'. Prehistorically, mankind was a hunter-gatherer. We are not nocturnal creatures as we are not equiped to hunt at night. If we did not sleep, we would be running around for no particular reason in full sight of nocturnal predators and would increase our chances of being eaten. Sleep, especially REM sleep (where the body is effectively paralysed) evolved to make us still and quiet during those vulnerable night hours and keep us from harm.


Our natural circadian rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is nearer 25 hours than 24 hours. Perhaps it was locked in at this time when the earth's spin was slower and it exactly matched a day. So our circadian rhythm has to be continually reset by sunlight. Problems arise when our exposure to sunlight is intermittent and perhaps non existent. Something that is quite prevalent in our modern world of artificial, interior light and long working hours.

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Green Tea & Sleep - The University of Louisville recently published some research in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine showing that green tea reduces conditions such as memory loss and confusion.


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Further Reading

There is an interesting article on sleep hypnosis from the Journal of Psychology. - Evans, F. J., Gustafson, L. A., O'Connell, D. N., Orne, M. T., & Shor, R. E. Sleep-induced behavioral response: Relationship to susceptibility to hypnosis and laboratory sleep patterns. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1969, 148, 467-476.