"Not having a regular relaxation routine can severely damage your physical amd mental health."


Many people are living with unhealthy levels of stress. Finding a good way to relax may not only improve your health it may well improve your productivity and creativity.


I can tell you now, that 95% of the people that walk through the door of my practice in London do not know how to relax. Not having a good relaxation process is common to nearly all anxiety sufferers.

Scientists have been hooking people up to machines to measure their brain wave activity for decades.




Excerpt from The Hypnotic World


How your brain responds to relaxation is well understood.


Improved resistance to disease and infection.
(ref: 1. Kiecolt-Glaser, Ohio State University)


Significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and keeps dormant infections (like herpes) at bay.
(ref: 2. Paul Martin, The Sickening Mind, 1997)


Greatly reduces stress (hypertensive disorders).
(ref: 3. McGrady, Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo USA)


Significant reduction in heart attack recurrence.
(ref: 4. Moser and colleagues, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA )


Decreases anxiety and depression - both the intensity and frequency of symptoms.
(ref: 5. Shoshana Shapiro and Paul M. Lehrer, Rutgers University, USA)


It won't take you more than a few minutes browsing the internet to come up with hundreds of studies saying the same thing.


  • Relaxation is NOT sitting in front of the television.
  • Relaxation is NOT stopping for a cup of coffee or a cigarette.
  • Relaxation is NOT having an alcoholic drink.
  • Relaxation is NOT lying in the sun.


All of these activities put stress on your system, either by poisoning it, or causing cell damage or putting your brain into the wrong state.


I’ve tried many types of relaxation from meditation to floating in tanks of warm water.  The best method by far has been a hypnotic state. Anyone who has ever tried this will tell you that waking up after half an hour or an hour of hypnosis is like waking up after a good sleep.


But don’t write off the other methods because you never know what is going to best suit you.  I have included a number of methods here but we are going to start with the hypnosis recording because there is nothing to learn, so it is the easiest to do.

Relaxation Techniques

  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  2. Alexander Technique
  3. Autogenic Conditioning
  4. Deep Breathing
  5. Self Hypnosis
  6. Deep Hypnotic Trance
  7. Meditation & Prayer

Relaxation Hypnosis ( 3 CDs)

relaxation CD

Deep Relaxation CD

Designed to quickly relax your mind and body, 40 minutes of deep hypnotic relaxation can feel like the equivalent of several hours of quality sleep.


The main hypnotic recording teaches you to use relaxing memories, progressive muscle relaxation and breathing techniques to help you reduce stress at any time.


Discover how easily you can drift into a deep hypnotic trance. The more you do it, the deeper you go. If you have never experienced this, you really must, it is different to ordinary forms of relaxation.


Please leave feedback or a testimonial if you found this product really worked for you.

Relaxation - CD #1

3 Sessions lasting a total of 48 minutes:

Deep Calm (36m),
Power Nap (8m),
Quick Relaxationl (4m)

Relaxation - CD #2

Embryo - Human heart beat (40m),
Natural Sounds (35m)

Hypnosis Software - CD #3

Virtual Hypnotist CD


Experiment with your own sounds and spoken suggestions. Simple to install on all Windows PCs.

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Unconscious Forest CD


Unconscious Forest - Guided Meditation

This CD takes you on an imagined journey into your unconscious. If you have a good imagination then this is a powerful technique that has been designed to help you:

  • Find peace and calm at the end of a stressful day
  • Solve problems
  • Come up with creative ideas
  • Get over a mental block

It takes you from a stressed and confused state to a calmer, clearer state of mind.

Price $19.95 (Postage & Handling $4.95)


Hypnotic Trance CD


Hypnotic Trance

If you are looking for a deep hypnotic experience, more in line with a state of trance then this CD has been designed to do that. This is an exploration of deeper states of mind and can be useful for triggering creativity or for meditation.

You can listen to all of these CDs, many times. This CD especially can take you into a deeper trance state with each listening.

Price $19.95 (Postage & Handling $4.95)


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