If you believe you know exactly what your goals are without having done the goal setting workshop, I would still recommend that you do it. It pays to give any goals you have a ‘shake down’. You never know something better might occur to you. You should repeat this exercise at regular intervals and continually review these goals. If you’re in a very bad place and can’t get motivated to do the goal setting workshop then congratulations ‘goal setting’ is your goal. Jump right in with the rest of us.


If you’re struggling to choose a goal, then it is far better to select something arbitrarily and work towards it than it is to sit and do nothing. Any goal is better than no goal. In the process of achieving any goal you will grow and develop momentum and more appropriate goals will come to you.


But you can do much better than random selection. You need to know exactly where you are now. Make a list of all your skills and positive attributes. These are the foundations on which you are going to build. An obvious goal may well present itself. You are unique. No-one else possesses all of the same skills. Even if it is does not feel like your destiny at least it will be the easier path. Don’t stand still, get moving somewhere.


There is a story of a general who is leading his troops through the desert and comes to a fork in the road. They are out of water and he knows that one path leads to an oasis and they will all be saved and the other leads to the middle of the desert and certain death. What does he do? The answer is to make an instant decision and pretend he knows the right path. He has 50% chance of being right. That way, whatever fate awaits them, his men will go happily towards it. Any indecision is pointless as he will be no wiser by wasting time and it would only fill his men’s last hours with fear and uncertainty.