Introduction To Hypnosis




Hypnosis is simply a way to put yourself into a trance

In a hypnotic trance your mind works differently from normal. You are far more open to suggestion. You can stick needles in your arm and not feel pain or you can even forget your own name. Most of us would want to do that, of course, but that openness to suggestion has some huge benefits.


Hypnosis is a skill that you develop, like any other. It is something that you do to yourself, but you may need help to get into a hypnotic state, especially at first. 

The Suggestions Of Hypnotherapy

milton erickson - founding father of clinical hypnotherapyOnce in a hypnotic trance, you are more open to suggestions and ideas.  Hypnotherapy is the careful selection and delivery of the right suggestions for the changes you want to make. Some changes happen immediately, others develop over days, weeks, even months. It is not just about solving problems and changing unwanted habits.  You can also develop new, more useful behavior, such as improved concentration, greater confidence or stronger motivation.


It helps to have someone else actually making the suggestions to you or even to ask you questions.  You can prepare your own suggestions in advance but it takes some practice.


For many reasons, you may not know what the real underlying problem is. This is where a hypnotherapist can be an enormous help: They can help you to: -


  • Find out what the problems really are
  • Select appropriate suggestions that will help you to get rid of the problem
  • Help you to go into a hypnotic trance where those suggestions are more poweful

"Why a Hypnosis CD Can Be So Powerful and Effective"

girl under hypnosis - in a hypnotic tranceMany problems are the same for everyone and they know exactly what the problem is.  People can’t stop smoking or can’t lose weight for many of the same reasons.  The same underlying problems come up again and again.


This is where a hypnosis CD can be very effective because all of the most common suggestions can be combined onto a single recording which is much cheaper than going for a live therapy session.  It is really just a percentages game.

A hypnosis CD also has the advantage that you can listen to it over and over again without any additional cost.  Any hypnotherapist will tell you that repetition - hearing the same thing over and over again - is very effective when you are in a hypntoic trance.


What is surprising is just how many people benefit from hypnosis CDs. It seems to be especially effective for anxiety disorders, stress, phobias as well as for habit problems (smoking and weight loss).

The Advantages of Hypnosis CDs

  • You get better at going into a hypnotic trance the more that you do it and a CD is a very convenient way to develop this skill.
  • Hypnosis CDs can be listened to many times, so the suggestions have a much greater chance of success. The strange thing about hypnotic suggestion is that it gets better the more that you hear it. The effectiveness doesn't wear off as it would in a fully conscious state of mind.
  • Obviously some conditions are more complicated, but read through the pages on this website and you will begin to understand how many daily frustrations can be permanently eliminated by using hypnosis combined with the right suggestions.

medical practitioner"Make Your Mind Work For You"

"Often in life it is a simple conversation or something we experience that can transform us in just a few moments. Like a chance meeting when we fall in love, or when we meet a vital business contact for the first time and suddenly life is changed forever."

"All you need to make big changes in your life, is to deliver exactly the right idea at the right time.

"The physical and mental health even the financial success of many people has been improved greatly with hypnotherapy. It is not just about fixing problems, it is also about enhancing performance or developing new skills. Hypnotic techniques are used by olympic athletes, corporations, psychiatrists and coaches the world over."


"After many years working as a professional hypnotherapist, I use a lot of standard suggestions because I know that they work. Taking those standard suggestions and recording them onto a hypnosis CD means that real therapy and powerful coaching techniques are available at a much lower cost."

How Far Down This List Can You Go?

1. Stop smoking Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD right arrow
2. Maintain a healthy body weight Weight Loss Hypnosis CD right arrow
3. Adopt a healthy nutritional diet Alkaline Diet - Free Advice & Food Chart right arrow
4. Maintain a regular exercise and fitness routine Fitness Success (Sports Motivation) right arrow
5. Be free of anxiety and depression Anxiety Free System (6 CDs, DVD, Book) right arrow
6. Discover deep relaxation and become stress free Hypnotic Relaxation CD right arrow
7. Experience good quality sleep Sleep Hypnosis CD Pack right arrow
8. Be confident with high self esteem Confidence & Self Esteem CD Pack right arrow
9. Regularly set goals and plan for the future Life Coaching - Goals & Planning right arrow
10. Increase your motivation and achieve what you want Motivational Techniques right arrow
11. Learn the art of hypnotic conversation and how to talk influentially. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis right arrow

Nine out of ten people in Europe and North America have neglected their physical health and wouldn't even get past the first four steps in our list.

1 in 5 of us still smoke.

The average age when we permanently give up regular exercise is just 34 years old.

But Change Is Easier Than You May Have Imagined ...

Your imagination is a powerful tool that you can learn to use to make changes in your life.  Even changes in your behavior and deep ingrained habits.  Imagination is just one part of the mind that can be activated in the right way with hypnosis. 

Hypnosis CDs & MP3s

  • Proven products that make real changes in your life
  • You can make rapid changes; faster than you might think
  • A lot cheaper than live therapy and from the comfort of your own home
  • Free online support and updates - you can email or call us at any time
  • We are so confident that you will really benefit from these recordings that we offer full money back guarantees (up to 1 year)

Simple Physical Relaxation Sample mp3

Professional Hypnotherapy

Depression Hypnosis Deep Relaxation Hypnotic Trance Anxiety Attack Hypnosis Stop Smoking Hypnosis social anxiety

Confidence and Self Esteem Hypnosis Sleep Hypnosis Weight Loss Hypnosis Unconscious Forest Hypnosis anxiety free system

Is It Time To Use Hypnosis To Improve Your Life?

Hypnosis puts you into a state where you are very open to suggestion and far more able to make changes to your behavior and patterns of thinking.

Going into a hypnotic trance is something that you do to yourself. It is a skill that can be learned like any other. A hypnotherapist is really a guide to help you discover that hypnotic state.

When a professional hypnotherapist, doctor or psychologist hypnotizes you, they are acting as a coach rather than doing something to you. Their skill is in identifying your real problem and selecting the right suggestions to help you.

The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

  • Influence people to follow your lead
  • Persuade clients and customers to buy from you
  • Command new respect with everyone
  • Discover how to negotiate with great success
  • Compel colleagues to follow your suggestions
  • Get just about anyone to say “Yes”
  • Find out how to have children and even teenagers obey you
  • Keep your lover eternally loyal
Discover "The Power of Conversational Hypnosis"
power of conversational hypnosis

Approved by the American Medical Association & Used by Harvard and Stanford University Psychologists

Hypnosis is being used in major medical institutions, such as, Harvard Medical School, UCLA, Stanford, Kaiser Permanente, Beth Israel Deaconness Hospital, and many burn centers, to ease pain, fear, and treatment and accelerate healing for their patients.

Hypnosis is approved by, both, the American Medical Association (AMA), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the British Medical Association (BMA) and most of the Medical Associations around the world for direct medical treatment and as an addition to traditional treatments.

Free Health Guides

natural therapyWe are not all about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes are all that you need.  The health programs on this site are designed to help you find your own solutions.  They are fully researched and we are happy to discuss any of the ideas presented here if you wish to contact us.  The health guides are here to complement the range of hypnosis CDs and the ideas they contain.

They will help you to eliminate possible causes of a problem before resorting to hypnosis.

Some programs like the Anxiety Free System have many techniques that have nothing to do with hypnosis: The Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, simple breathing and moving and rapid thinking exercises. Our approach is to deal with the whole body and mind. Some of the techniques may seem to be completely unconnected with a particular problem. Experience has shown us that 6 times out of 10 when someone sits down at the clinic and says 'my problem is this', in reality, it is something else entirely.

Take Action, Naturally

We don't throw our lives away recklessly but we don't stop to think that we might be wasting our lives bit by bit, every day, by not stopping and taking some action for ourselves. It is too easy to let life pass by, when just a little time set aside every day can make major changes in our lives.

I am certain you will find something in this site that will help you to improve your life. We promote natural remedies and are anti-drug (prescription or otherwise). We validate everything that we publish on this site. If you would like access to our background research then please feel free to contact us.

"You are what you think,
Everything that you are arises with your thoughts,
With your thoughts you make the world."


Buddha (From the opening lines of the Dhammapada)