Water & Weight Loss




Drink an extra 4 pints (1.5 to 2 litres) of water every day.


  • 1. Many people confuse feelings of thirst with feelings of hunger. If you feel hungry then have a large glass to drink instead.


  • 2. Water helps rid the body of the toxins. There will be more of these released due to the weight loss program. The body cannot burn stored fat if there are too many toxins present.


  • 3. If your body is used to insufficient water it is on a kind of 'drought alert' and retains extra water in the tissues in case the supply runs out. This extra water in the fat deposits will prevent them from being used for energy. They have been converted from energy stores to tiny reservoirs as a matter of survival. So, strange as it may seem, the greater the flow of water through your body, the less water your body retains.


  • 4. Water fills your stomach and suppresses your appetite for a very short period. Not very useful as a dieting aid but it will get you through a craving that generally lasts less than 10 minutes.


  • 5. A good flow of water through your body is essential for kidney efficiency. If there is insufficient water for the kidneys to function well then the liver will take over part of the job. When the liver does this it does not metabolize fat as efficiently and it is stored, contributing to weight gain and not weight loss.