Time Distortion




What Is Time Distortion?

Time distortion occurs where the actual amount of time that has passed and the perceived amount of time are diferent. Time can appear to have gone quicker or slower than reality. Many people have had this experience in their normal daily lives. For instance, when dosing off and having what seemd to have been a long dream when only a few seconds have passed, or being lost in thought while driving and suddenly realising that you have arrived at your destination much quicker than you thought.


The same effect can be induced under hypnosis.

Hypnotic Phenomena - Time Distortion In Hypnosis

This phenomena has been tested under laboratory conditions where a subject has been hypnotized and asked to complete a number of different tasks. Where time distotion has been suggested or invoked then the performance of the subject has been affected accordingly.


This effect has been used in a number of therapeutic situations to actively help people.

How Can Time Distortion Be Used In Hypnotherapy?

  1. Controlling Pain
  2. Accelerated Learning Techniques
  3. Desensitization

Time Distortion Hypnosis in Painful Terminal Illness A Case Study By Milton H Erickson