Sleep Disorder




There are seven main types of sleep disorder.

  • 1. Insomnia - sleep is disrupted and is insufficient in quantity and quality. There are 4 types
    • i) Onset insomnia -trouble falling asleep;
    • ii) Maintanance insomnia - wake up frequently during the night
    • iii) Termination insomnia - consistently wake up too early
    • iv) Sleep apnea - trouble breathing properly during sleep

  • 2. Narcolepsy - frequent periods of sleepiness during the day, linked to a confusion of REM-like state and the waking state. Perhaps due to over-activity of acetylcholine synapses which produce REM sleep.

    The main symptoms are

    • (1) Extreme sleepiness during the day.
    • (2) Cataplexy - periods of muscle weakness during the waking day.
    • (3) Sleep paralysis
    • (4) Hypnagogic hallucinations - dreamlike experiences difficult to distinguish from reality when first falling asleep or waking up.


  • 3. Periodic limb movement disorder


  • 4. Night terrors


  • 5. Sleep talking


  • 6. Sleep walking


  • 7. REM behaviour disorder

If you want more information about sleep disorders see the National, Heart, Lung , and Blood Institute web site.