Hypnotic Language Patterns - Quantifiers




Quantifiers are statements that claim some authority or knowledge that does not exist.


They are split into three types:

Universal Quantifiers

Words such as: no-one, all, everyone, every, only, always, never, nobody, etc., are universal quantifiers. They are generalizations that are not credited to anyone or anything in particular.


They imply that something is usual, common or there is some rule that makes something true and so it should be more believable.


Example: "Everyone goes into trance eventually."


Universal quantifiers may be implied rather than actually appear in the sentence.


For example, 'Pigs are filthy' implies 'All pigs are filthy'

Some Quantifiers

Words such as 'some', 'few'.


These words suggest something is true without attempting to explain why it is true. For example: 'Few people would agree with you.'

Which begs the question 'What do you base that statement upon, perhaps everyone would agree with me.'

General Quantifiers

Words such as 'only', 'even', 'except', 'just'