Motivational Meta-Programs




There are a number of highly motivational metaprograms. These deal with overall motivation in all areas of our lives but are especially powerful when controlled to focus on goals.

  • Direction Filter If you are a 'towards' personality then you will be more motivated by rewards. If you are an 'away' personality then you will need to motivate yourself by concentrating on what you might miss out on. You will need to develop your visualization techniques and written goals, accordingly.
  • Reason Filter If you are a possibility person then you
  • Frame of Reference Filter You must develop a good internal frame of reference so that you can judge yourself effectively and rapidly. This will get rid of a lot of self doubt and build confidence. This is best done by reviewing tasks you have already completed to see where you were slow in making a decision. You need to clearly identify those areas where your skills are good so that you do not waste time deliberating. Areas where you are more uncertain will need training. You should always include some learning or training in your daily schedule.
  • Chunk Size Filter If your tendency is to concentrate on details then this is what interests you most which means you may neglect and you may need to develop more motivation into looking at the overall picture and higher level planning. Conversely if your outlook is too 'global' you may need to expend more effort on the details.