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Self improvement and motivation resources.


The Happy Guy Finding true happiness and self-actualization starts with our tips to help you find happiness from within. We will help you on your quest for personal growth

Communication Skills  Website gives valuable information on communication skills and Building confidence. It has vast amount of Techniques and secrets on Presentation, Leadership and Listening skills. Explore the possibilities of Human Mind.

Leadership Training from - Learn 48 essential leadership skills at

Self-Empowerment TechniquesUnleash the awesome creative powers of your mind through the ancient science and healing art of meditation. This free resource is packed with information on how to use meditation in almost every area of your life and achieve self-mastery in ways you never thought possible!

Self Help Motivation Source  Self Help Motivation Source for all of the self help, motivation and inspiration you need for your journey to self improvement

Be Happy in Life offers life coaching, family coaching, teenagers coaching and inspiring books. It specializes in relationships as the key to getting ahead in life.

The Cream of Personal Development ResourcesA site about Personal Development and Self Improvement that will help you discover your own amazing power and beauty. Books, audio and`video programs, courses, seminars, workshops, articles, personal development plans and much more... -  Where Mediocrity Transforms Into Legacy Enjoy a Fountain of Free Inspiration at our uplifting Inspirational Site, Helping You to Transform Your Life into the Legacy it is meant to be!

Vision Unlimited Chris Attkins M.Dip.H is a Motivation Method Life Coach and Hypnotherapist on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. His website is full of free self-help to improve relationships, increase self-esteem and reduce stress. Financial Success System with Universal Laws & Spiritual Principles for Abundance, for life. We provide and share knowledge of ancient times as well as modern technologies and systems for success.