Limited Symptom Attacks




Limited Symptom Attacks occur randomly and do not indicate a full blown anxiety disorder.  However, you are still at risk.  You will experience a few of the following symptoms but will not be actively avoiding situations which you fear will trigger an anxiety attack.

Psychological Symptoms

  1. Feeling of losing control.
  2. Fear of dying or imminent doom.
  3. Feeling of going crazy.
  4. Feelings of not being in your body, drifting away.

Physical Symptoms

  1. Hot and cold flushes.
  2. Nausea, sinking feeling in the stomach.
  3. Shaking, trembling, jerking movements.
  4. Sweating.
  5. Breathing difficulties.
  6. Heartbeat irregular, racing or beating strongly.
  7. Tingling sensations or numbness especially in fingers and toes.
  8. Chest pains
  9. Dry mouth and choking sensations


  1. Relaxation
  2. Exercise
  3. Hypnotherapy - cognitive behaviour techniques
  4. Deliberate changes in daily habits and lifestyle.
  5. Anti Stress techniques