Changing Your Internal State of Mind




There are four basic ways to deliberately change your internal state of mind.

  • 1. Physiology Your state of mind is influenced by your physiology. Maintaining a confident, motivated body language will help you to be more motivated and confident. At sporting events athletes punch the air and pump themselves up. This increases energy and sends messages to your mind that something important is happening. You can use this to help your motivation. develop a routine for yourself to provide a boost when you need it.
  • 2. Visualizations Imagine vivid images of yourself attaining or having your goal. Add as much action, sound and feeling as you can. Replay this ‘fantasies’ as often as is practical during the day to keep your mind focused on your goal. See the page on Visualizations.
  • 3. Affirmations The auditory equivalent of visualizations. Affirmations are repeatedly saying empowering phrases out loud and with emotion. It is a very direct auditory instruction to your brain. For example, saying “I am focused, I am confident, I am unstoppable, I am in control, I love doing this...”. Repeat it over and over and really believe it. See the page on Affirmations
  • 4. Anchors You can remind yourself of your goals and your motivation throughout the day by using physical cues. Use the chain of anchors technique to associate a physical event such as clicking a pen with visualization of your goal.