Weight Loss & Hunger




Hunger is your biggest enemy.

Do you want to know why you get hungry so often?.

Because your body needs good nutrition and what you're putting into it just doesn't have it. It is absolutely NOT your fault if you eat too much. The quality of food has dropped horribly over the last century. Crops are gown fast with chemical fertilizers or animals are fed food supplements and arebasically unhealthy

Your body knows bad food from good. It is constantly scanning the food you eat to detect the essential nutrients that it cannot make for itself (amino acids, phytonutrients, enzymes,vitamins & minerals).


For example, there's a little substance floating around our blood stream that detects the absence of important proteins called essential aminoacids. 'Essential' because your body cannot produce them itself. If you love the techie stuff you can read all about it here.

How many of these essential amino acids do you think you find in a bag of fries or box of cakes?


If you guessed close to zero you would be right.


But, and this is an important 'but'; it isnot zero. There is just enough in that bag or box to keep your body interested so it will devour the fries to get what it can then when that lot has settled down a bit it will go for the box ofcakes to see what's in there, because XXXXXX enzyme is saying to your body that it needs more. Makes sense, right?

The same applies to essential minerals and vitamins that your body has to have.

And in that simple idea lies the solution:

Do you want to know how to stop hunger?

Give your body what it wants. The essential nutrients that it needs.

A constant diet of organic salad, raw vegetables and pure mountain spring water, right?

Well, maybe one day, but we are trying to be realistic here. One of the reasons hypnotherapy is so successful with weight loss is that re-thinking your diet is one of the changes it canmake happen quickly. But first we are going to start with a simpler alternative:

The high protein replacement meal with mineral and vitamin supplements

Basically, everything your body needs in one glass. Quick, easy, well balanced and it has to taste good. Not strange green vegetable potions (Soylent Green).

You've got to start out easy and slow. Go for too big a jump and you will not be able to stick at it. 

High protein meal replacements may even save you money.  Generally they cost less than $3 per meal.  If you are already spending more than that on a meal then you will be saving money.