Generalized Anxiety Disorder




You would be considered to be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder if you are constantly in a state of anxiety, but with no panic attacks and with no specific cause (phobia).  Sometimes this can just disappear but if you find it persists for more than four months then you should seek treatment.


  1. Irritability
  2. Sleep disorder
  3. Muscular tension
  4. Poor concentration
  5. Fatigue, tire easily
  6. Restlessness/ sleep problems
  7. Sweating
  8. Heart palpitations
  9. Hyper-vigilance
  10. Gastrointestinal problems


  1. Anti stress techniques
  2. Problem solving techniques
  3. Sleep therapy
  4. Deliberate changes in daily habits and lifestyle.
  5. Distraction - arithmetic, anchored memory
  6. Relaxation
  7. Exposure or Flooding - recreating the symptoms to familiarize yourself with them.
  8. Exercise
  9. Hypnotherapy - cognitive behaviour techniques