Hypnotic Language Pattern - Double Bind




A double bind is a question where you give two choices both of which suit your purposes. It forces the listener to focus on only two choices when in fact there are many others, so it is basically an illusion of choice.


For example 'Do you want to go into a hypnotic trance now or later?'. This implies that the trance is inevitable.

Another example from the retail trade is 'Do you want to pay by cash or credit card?'. This presupposes the purchase and time shifts the listener into 'I am buying, how should I pay'; not very ethical.


Of course you have to be reasonably subtle. If I was to say 'Do you want me to hit you with the brick or the hammer?' you would probably come up with a third option quite quickly.


Most double binds fall into one of the following three categories.

  • Approach - Avoidance - Would you like to enter trance now or later?
  • Conscious - Unconscious - I think that your unconscious mind knows more about that than your conscious mind does, and if your unconscious mind knows more about it than your conscious mind does, then you probably know more about it than you think you do.
  • Double Disassociation - You can as a person awaken, but you do not need to awaken as a body. (Pause) You can awaken when your body awakens but without a recognition of your body. (Pause) Just awaken from the neck up.