Autogenic Conditioning



Autogenic Conditioning is a relaxation technique designed to reduce stress and anxiety


You can repeat this exercise as often as you wish. Perhaps alternate it with other relaxation exercises.  It is best practiced at the start or end of the day when you are most open to suggestion.

  1. Sit down and close your eyes
  2. Spend a few moments to clear your thoughts and allow yourself to relax
  3. Breathe deeply.  Count down from 50 to 1 with each breath out.
  4. Let your body go completely limp.
  5. When you reach 1, keep repeating the number 1 with each breath.
  6. Start talking to the various parts of your body to encourage them to relax.
  7. Next begin to relax your mind, let all the thoughts evaporate away.
  8. Now affirm your goal, which is to be completely anxiety free and motivated to create a better life.
  9. Visualize this happening.  Imagine events in your future life, completely free of anxiety.