Alexander Technique For Relaxation



This alexander technique exercise is best practiced in the morning but is very useful before you have to give a presentation or public performance of any kind.  This is a corner stone for social anxiety sufferers as it builds confidence and feelings of strength and power.  If you are one of those people that always feels as if they are the smallest least significant person in the room, this is especially for you.


  1. Place a small pile of books on the floor about 4 inches (10cm) high.  Adjust the height so that you find it comfortable to lie on the floor with the back of your head supported by the books.
  2. Stand, facing away from the books, at a distance the length of your body with your feet placed apart, at the same width as your shoulders. Let youtr arms hang loosely at your sides.
  3. Look straight ahead and imagine that your entire body is relaxing, as if you were dangling from a string attached to the top of your head and going up to the sky.
  4. Concentrate on the feeling of your feet where they contact the floor and become aware of the distance between your feet and the top of your head.
  5. Listen to all the sounds around you.  The sounds in the far distance, the sounds nearby, even sounds very close to you like your own breathing.
  6. Drop to one knee in one quick, smooth efficient movement, making sure that you do NOT hold your breath.
  7. Move the palms of your hands behind you and then tilt backwards so that your hands make contact with the floor and can support you.
  8. At the same time move your feet out in front of you so that they are resting flat on the floor with your knees bent.
  9. Tilt your head forwards a little to keep your neck muscles loose.
  10. Now sit back, allowing your spine to roll out along the floor, until the back of your head comes to rest on the pile of books. Your arms should be resting loosely at your sides and your knees bent at a right angle while your feet remain flat on the floor.
  11. Adjust the pile of books with one hand, if necessary, so that your head is well supported and comfortable.
  12. Allow your body to sink down onto the floor so that it fully supported.
  13. If you are uncomfortable, then stop and start again from the beginning.
  14. Keep your eyes open and allow yourself to completely relax so that gravity can lengthen and straighten your spine.
  15. Concentrate on your slow, steady breathing without changing it.  Keep it natural. You may notice your heart beating and the pulse spreading through your whole body.
  16. Be aware of the floor supporting your back and allow your shoulders to rest as your back widens.  Notice how your whole body seems to lengthen and expand.
  17. Continue like this for around fifteen minutes.  A little less or a little more to suit you. You can spend this time imagining yourself taking control of your life. See yourself as large and imposing, somebody that no-one misses when you enter the room.
  18. After this fifteen minutes, slowly lift yourself up and move into a crawling position, while remaining relaxed and with that feeling of having expanded and lengthened.
  19. Move onto one knee, leading the movement with your head and finally into a standing position as if the sky string in the top of your head had lifted you there.
  20. Stand calmly for a few moments, listening to the sounds around you.  Notice, again, the feeling of your feet upon the floor and the distance between your feet and the top of your head.  You will be surprised to notice how the distance has expanded.
  21. Continue with your day while at the same time being aware of this expanded, taller, uplifted feeling.  Everything around you may seem smaller and less significant.